RI steps into world literature arena at Frankfurt Book Fair

With the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair approaching, Indonesia is stepping up its preparation to exhibit its literature to the world.

The country was chosen to be the guest of honour at the event in Frankfurt, Germany, which will take place between Oct. 14 and 18 this year. It is the largest book fair in the world and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Indonesia has set up the Indonesian National Organizing Committee (NOC) to tackle the task of preparation. Members of this committee are well-known Indonesian writers, publishers and members of the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI).

The committee is aiming to present around 200 books translated into German in their exhibit titled “17,000 Islands of Imagination”.

Publishers such as Gramedia, the largest publishing house in Indonesia and the Lontar Foundation, which is well known for its translation of Indonesian literature into foreign languages, are working together with authors and translators to achieve that aim.

Despite the promotion of Indonesian culture, participation at the book fair can also play a large role in preparing Indonesian literature for the European market.

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