Reminiscing: Paying tribute to the gems of Urdu literature

The ‘Bayad-e-Raftagaan’ session held on Friday, the fourth and last day of the eighth annual Urdu International Conference, was graced by a number of significant faces from Urdu literature.

The memorable session, organised by Arts Council of Pakistan, was solely dedicated to the memories of the gems of Urdu literature. The speakers paid tribute to Jameeluddin Aali, Shahida Ahmed, Fatahyab Ali Khan, Raees Farogh, Ali Haider Malik and Jamal Mian Farangi Mahli.

Reminiscing the golden days of his life with Aali, critic and poet Professor Sahar Ansari said that Aali had innumerable qualities. Ansari added that Aali’s personality was not only restricted to one end but instead he was an open-minded person with various approaches to life.

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