The poetry of pain defines author’s new collection: Zhao Lihong

By Xing Yi


While Zhao Lihong is defined by his prose in China, the writer says poetry is what drives him.

In November, Zhao released a collection of his poems that delve into an eternal literary theme – agony and pain.

Titled Pain, the book contains 51 poems, most of which were written in the past three years.

“Writing poems is a very personal thing. When ideas come to my mind, I note them down,” Zhao said during a book tour in Beijing last month.

“Some ideas appear during my travels on planes and trains, and some come to me in my dreams.”

Zhao’s collection includes a poem from his unpublished writings of 1982, in which he writes: “Joy is the shell, but pain is the essence.”

Born in Shanghai in 1952, like many from his generation, Zhao experienced the “cultural revolution” (1966-76) when normal college education was interrupted in the country.

In those years, he was sent to work on the farmlands of Chongming, an island county on the Yangtze River. The work exhausted him and the lack of books or companions bored him. It was then that he started to write – both prose and poetry. Read more

Source: China Daily