New Release: Boy of Fire and Earth by Sami Shah

9789386215147Picador India is set to release Sami Shah’s Boy of Fire and Earth in June. The book is a dark, and often funny, novel of great imagination and power.

Born of a smokeless fire, and raised in Karachi, Wahid’s life comes apart when he loses the girl he loves to vengeful djinns. Setting out on a journey to recover her soul and find out the truth of his own origins, he is accompanied by Iblis, the Devil himself. Together, they traverse a city infested with corrupt cops and hustling beggars, and discover deathly creatures lurking under its sinister surface, even as the threat of Judgement Day looms large.

About the Author:

Comedian and writer Sami Shah has been profiled in New York Times, appeared on BBC Asian Network, and TEDx Melbourne. He has written and performed a two-part series for BBC Radio 4 – A Beginner’s Guide to Pakistan – and has appeared as a panellist on QI with Stephen Fry. His autobiography, I, Migrant, has been nominated for multiple literary awards. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, where no djinns have contacted him yet.