Book Review: Rediscovering a master storyteller

By Karishma Attari

sudhinThe Indian English novel may have a vibrant presence in the international literary scene today, yet it’s worthwhile remembering that it had a late start; it developed to become a major literary form only by the 1930s. So Sudhin N. Ghose’s tetralogy of novels published within a six-year span commencing from 1949 places him among the earliest Indian writers of the genre — and one of the few writing in English.

However, while he was hailed as one of the greatest Indian English writers of his time, his fame has diminished over the decades, and his celebrated tetralogy is often dismissed as a set of “autobiographical sketches” rather a contribution to Indian fiction. Editors of collections of early Indian English writing, and literary essayists on the era, have overlooked him routinely. So, the reissue of Ghose’s classic tetralogy, after over half a century, is an attempt to reverse the neglect of an early pioneer of the Indian English novel. Read more

Source: Asian Age

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