Editor’s Pick: The Week that was…

A lot has been happening around the world. With the global pandemic locking us down in our houses, we are fighting new battles everyday. We struggle with day to day activities and wonder if all this is a nightmare which will end once we wake up only to find ourselves staring at the ceilings at night, sleepless and hopeless.

“This virus will leave us entirely newborn people. We will all be different, none of us will ever be the same again. We will have deeper roots, be made of denser soil, and our eyes will have seen things.”

C. JoyBell C

At such times, art and literature come to our respite in forms unknown. Every word read and every beat we hear seems to transcend us into a world of the unknown. Things might return to normalcy once this over or things might not. But we will always have stories to go back to.

Starting this week, every Friday, we will be sharing with you a list of recommended reads, videos or podcasts which have been impactful across the internet on topics ranging from literature to travel.

This week’s recommended reads/videos are:

1) The Gift of Words

A retired Malay language teacher, Madam Patimah Jaludin writes under the pen name Rosemala or Mala. She has written 400 scripts drama scripts for Malay radio in Singapore and more than 50 short stories. Recently, she donated her entire collection of radio drama scripts and short stories to the National Library. Listen to this video, where she talks about her love for writing and the reason behind this gesture.

Editor’s comments: At times like these, when there is chaos all around, stories like these are heartwarming. They remind us that love and joy can always be multiplied by spreading it around. And being the reason behind someone’s smile, is the best legacy one can leave behind.

2) Pamuk in Peshawar

Photo by Aa Dil on Pexels.com

Editor’s comments: A brilliant write up by Aurangzaib Khan, a writer from Peshawar for the Dawn, where he imagines Orhan Pamuk, a Turkish nobel laureate, visiting Pakistan.

3) Travelling the World in the Lockdown

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Editor’s Comments: Somak Ghoshal writes about a Facebook group where users are sharing pictures to cheer other users during lockdown. This article is like your one way ticket to see the world, from well within the safe confines of your home!

4) Of Feminism from the Hood

Editor’s Comments: Sana Munir, an author from Pakistan, reviews Mikki Kendall’s latest book Hood Feminism for The News. Raising a lot of valid questions and arguments, Munir takes us through the book leaving us wanting to read the book and experience it all.

5) Authors who made their debut late in life

Editor’s Comments: Are you a writer who dreams of writing the next bestseller but is worried that you are running out of time? Then this article is for you. As the article says, age is just a number. Read to know about authors who made their debut late in life and get inspired enough to get writing!

Here’s hoping these videos and articles help you sail through these times and fill your heart with love , hope and joy.

Till next week,

Stay safe!

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