January 27, 2022


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Poetry: Listen- For the Night is Silent by Neil Daswani

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Neil Daswani captures the silence of the Christmas Night in his latest poem.

Christmas night

 … all was calm

… all was bright 

through the honest hours

watchers kneeling on white glisten

knew the evanescent light  

the rhythm of psalm and hymn 

which sought to give them a sign 

above the rustle, bustle, scratch 

and nestle of lambs knowledge of the what, why and where

if they had only listened 

for the silence of the letters 

… from all the words on high 

About the Poet

Neil Daswani is a naturalized Singaporean of Indian origin. Over the past thirty-one years he has lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East. This international background finds expression in his poetry. He is a banker by day and a poet by night who now writes poetry prolifically. His poetry covers a myriad of themes ranging from nature and mythology, high school physics and history, to humour and the ebb and flow of love and relationships.

The year 2020 has been a milestone year for him wherein he has published three separate volumes of poetry: Why Now? followed by Seen & Felt and Redshift.

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