September 28, 2023


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Short Story: A Tale of Two Lallas by Sharmishtha

1 min read

Sharmistha’s story is a poignant read with an underlying theme of longing, love, womanhood, and quest for freedom.

Come, Lalla! You are no Lallish,

The waters of Jhelum will wash you…

Come, Come…

Who was calling her? To whom was she listening?… As Lallish was trying to free her dazed self from what seemed like a midway between dream and reality; the soft voice of the Air hostess came to the rescue. Arriving at Srinagar Airport, the thought of departing the place as soon as possible reverberated. Fresh from a heartbreak, Lallish, unaffected by the chill inside-out, just wanted to fulfil her grandmother’s last wish and leave the unsafe Valley. A break from the work was necessary for her survival at the moment and frankly, she did not want to be seen, or heard. And what better place than Kashmir to seek burial of thoughts and healing of wounds! She could hear her grandmother’s voice comforting as she tucked herself in the car sent in by the hotel. 

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