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China to guide the development of online literature

By Xinhua

The General Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has asked the China Writers Association (CWA) to guide online literature and carry out other reforms.

According to a plan to deepen reform of the CWA issued by the office on Thursday, CWA should establish evaluation and incentive systems that will benefit the development of online literature.

The Party’s role in literature work should also be strengthened. For instance, the Party should guide and support works focusing on juveniles and patriotism, as well as realistic and historical topics.

In the meantime, the CWA should organize literature exchange programs among Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and provide more communication opportunities between Chinese and foreign writers. Read more

Source: China Daily


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Critics: Wolf Totem distorts Mongolian culture

Critics have described the film Wolf Totem as a distortion of Mongolian culture, Xing Yireports.

A prominent ethnically Mongolian Chinese writer has slammed the movie Wolf Totem, directed by Jean Jacques Annaud from France, as being inaccurate and a “distortion of ourMongolian culture”. Continue reading

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China: Official recognition for China’s online writers

Chinese authors of literature published online are being formally admitted by the biggest official association for writers in the country. 

As confirmed by the Changjiang Daily earlier this month, the China Writers Association (CWA), which only accepts members through a nomination process from provincial associations, is preparing to found an organization dedicated to online writers. Once established, it would be the most prestigious association for online writers in China, a step that recognizes writers who have often been regarded as amateurs.

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Tie Ning talks about Children’s literature at Awards Ceremony

Children’s literature should portray children’s tenacity and optimism, according to President of the China Writers Association Tie Ning, who said this at the awards ceremony for the 9th National Children’s Literature Awards in Beijing on September 24, 2013.  Continue reading