Jung-changIt is the questions rather than the subjects that drive Jung Chang.

The renowned Chinese author has spent nearly three decades chronicling some of her homeland’s most controversial figures, in addition to writing a best-selling family memoir.

Chang is certainly well-versed in the topics she writes about – she was born to parents who were Communist Party officials and she grew up during the disastrous Cultural Revolution.

The extraordinary life of Xu Sanguan, a famous Chinese fictional character who sells his blood over the years to support his family, will soon be adapted in South Korea as a blood merchant.

South Korea’s popular actor Ha Jung-woo recently started directing and starring in a film adaptation of a renowned Chinese author Yu Hua’s 1995 novel “Xu Sanguan Mai Xue Ji” or” Chronicle of a Blood Merchant”.

Chinese author Bi Feiyu is keeping a level head as he makes a name for himself internationally. Cecily Liu reports in London: The China Daily

Bi FeiyuSoon after Bi Feiyu’s 2008 novel Three Sisters was published, the Chinese author gave a book-reading in London. He was part-way through the reading when a member of the audience stood up.

“She stood up when the main female character, Yumi, called her boyfriend ‘brother’,” Bi says.