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Is Hindi literature back in fashion?

The rise of online publishing and social media may inadvertently be beneficial for Hindi authors and its readers: The Hindu

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Kitaab interview with Dr. Usha Bande

downloadDr. Usha Bande is an Indian writer and critic who lives in Shimla. She writes in Marathi, Hindi and English and translates short stories from Marathi into Hindi. She has several research papers and more than a dozen books to her credit including Writing Resistance: A Comparative Study of Women Novelists. Her most recent work is a collection of short stories, A Box of Stolen Moments (Lifi Publications, 2014).

Kitaab recently interviewed her through email.

When did you start writing short stories? 

Long back.  I was in school when I wrote my first story but it was never published. In fact, I did not know where to send, how to send and all that. I mean tricks of the trade. In 1960s we were not much aware and smart as youngsters today are. Anyway, I wrote a small piece in Hindi for a story writing competition when I was in college; it was published in Navbharat Times and I got a third prize. It motivated me but again there was a gap of several years. My first real story which got published in English was “Painter Sahib”, included in my collection A Box of Stolen Moments. And I like this story as it has a kind of soft touch to it. It is partly real.

Tell us about some of the interesting stories in this collection and what inspired you to write them?

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Hindi-Urdu Sahitya Award Committe organises 25th International Literature Festival in Lucknow

The 25th International Literature Festival organised by the Hindi-Urdu Sahitya Award Committe in association with the UP Sangeet Natak Academy , is dedicated to writers of Hindi and Urdu literature, Dr Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Majrooh Sultanpuri. The inaugural ceremony on Saturday witnessed the presence of famous personalities from the field of art, literature and politics.  Read more

We don’t have one “national language” in India, but several: Shashi Tharoor

Shashi_TharoorThe unnecessary controversy over the use of Hindi by the government in official communications and social media revealed two essential truths about our country. The first is that, whatever the Hindi chauvinists might say, we don’t have one “national language” in India, but several. The second is that zealots have an unfortunate tendency to provoke a battle they will lose – at a time when they were quietly winning the war. Read more

Hindi on the Hudson

Sometimes my son asks in English: “Baba, what does duniya mean?” It means the world, beta, the world that I have lost. The world of Hindi: Amitava Kumar remembers his lost world of Hindi

Amitava_KumarMy son, who was born here in New York four years ago, doesn’t speak Hindi—but I have taught him the first few lines of the Kishore Kumar song Hum to Mohabbat Karega, Duniya Se Nahin Darega.

I have often explained to him the meaning of the words, but sometimes he asks in English: “Baba, what does duniya mean?”

It means the world, beta, the world that I have lost. The world of Hindi.

I have recorded my son singing the song and played it on WhatsApp for my sisters who haven’t seen him for a very long time. I think they would be amused if they also heard him say, when I’m putting him to sleep, “Chuppchaap so jaao.” Read more

A Door into Hindi and Darvazah: Online tools to teach Hindi and Urdu

Feroz-TajA Door Into Hindi comprises tutorials on Hindi while Darvazah has chapters in Urdu. Each tool has 24 progressively advanced tutorials comprising videos, animations, jokes, each aimed at drawing the learner closer to the language. Each video lasts 15-20 minutes, while the accompanying text describes the grammar, synonyms, among other issues related to what was shown in the video. Read more

Young turks re-inventing Hindi literature

A new breed of writers in Hindi, many of them IIT-IIM graduates, are seeking to become the agents of a new revolution in Hindi literature. Their protagonists represent the young, resurgent India and its problems as well as their dreams. ‘Terms &Conditions Apply’ is the title of Divya Prakash Dubey’s latest book. The choice of the title in English, Dubey says, is deliberate. Read more

JLF: ‘India may dream in Hindi but aspires to write in English’

India may dream in Hindi but aspires to write in English, is the argument presented by Aditi Maheshwari, director Vani Publications at the Jaipur Literature Festival here.

“India may dream in Hindi, sleep in Hindi, but it aspires to read in English. The population of Hindi readers is much fewer than English readers in India,” Maheshwari said at the concluding day of festival on Tuesday.  Read more

India: Hindi to be focus at 2nd Taj Literature Festival

Rajendra_YadavProminent works of Hindi literature including that of poet Surdas and author Rajender Yadav will be the focus at second edition of Taj Literature Festival kick starting next week in Agra.

The three-day festival slated to be an annual calender event from this year is scheduled from December 12-14.

“What other theme could be a better option than Hindi literature with the festival being held at the land of Surdas itself. Hindi literature has excellent works to boast of, why not promote them on a bigger landscape,” Harvijay Singh Bahiya, Director, Organising committee of the festival told PTI.

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India: Death of a trailblazer in Dalit literature

Om Prakash Valmiki lost his battle for life to liver cancer on Sunday, aged 63, leaving behind a literary legacy that is iconic not just for his words, but also because of what it tells us about our times.

Born at the lowest rung of the scheduled castes as an untouchable chuhda in Muzaffarnagar district of western Uttar Pradesh, he rose to occupy the highest place in the world of Dalit literature because of his powerful writings. Read more

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