Of Greek gods and Minotaur drinks

GorgioGeorge Manavalan, who writes as Giorgio Groom, is the 20-year-old author of the Soldiers of Ares, a book which combines the two worlds of magic and technology (The Hindu)

Soldiers of Ares by Giorgio Groom is set a hundred years after the Trojan War, The 100-year-old Achilles, along with a band of loyal soldiers sets out on another war. The loyal soldiers include an assortment of creatures such as human beings, a few gods such as Hephaestus, some Greek heroes such as Ajax and Daedalus, a Minotuar and a nymph.

Ajax, dresses casually in a t-shirt, takes swigs from a can of ‘ox-toxin’ (a drink for Minotaurs), Achilles drives a truck, Dionysus rules over Bacchus which is the largest producer of wine and alcohol and has many casinos and butler-bots (short for robots)…it is a fantastical world where magic meets technology, where genres collide.

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