CEO of Penguin Random House is all praise for

In a Frankfurt Book Fair panel discussion with editors from five international trade publishing magazines (including PW’s George Slowik), Markus Dohle, CEO of the recently merged mega-publisher Penguin Random House addressed a range of subjects, from Amazon, and e-books to the company’s massive size, stressing that he is in no rush to integrate the two companies.

Dohle went on to praise Amazon’s achievement and innovation. “We should not forget about that,” he said. “Kindle has at large prevented us from piracy in the first place because they created this wonderful, very convenient Kindle system and this fantastic wifi device with a huge selection of titles and fantastic convenience to buy books. And that was sort of a gift for the book world, and the value chain of books, that they started this when the business was so small. They’ve brought innovation and they’ve grown for a reason, and I think we can grow together both domestically and internationally.”

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