Qatar: Urdu literature gets lyrical at symposium

It was Urdu poetry at its best as the festival that has been celebrating the language’s literary side returned to its original,  more familiar abode. Majlis-e-Frogh-e-Urdu-Adab (Organisation for the promotion of Urdu Literature), Qatar returned this year with its 19th annual Aalmi Frogh-e-Urdu Awards (International Awards for Promotion of Urdu literature) and Mushaira (Poetic symposium) to Al Majlis Hall, Sheraton Hotel where it has been taking place for years. 
Bracing for ghazals (a form of Urdu poetry), Al Majlis was decked in all red. Hundreds of men and women were in audience. And the poets, mainly from India and Pakistan besides other countries, came up with couplet after couplet attracting the traditional “wah wah, bahut khoob (phrases used to appreciate good poetry).”
The creator of these lines, Main tere sang kaise chalun sajna, tu samandar hai, main sahilon ki hawa (How do we get along together, you are like sea and I the wind at seashore), Amjad Islam Amjad from Pakistan was among the chief guests of the programme.
An award-winning poet and playwright from Pakistan, Amjad has been a proponent of Urdu literature for decades. He is one of the most celebrated poets whose poems and ghazals have been given voice by renowned singers in both Pakistan and India.

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