Awards & Nominations – Prajwal Parajuly

Recently, Nepali-Indian origin author Prajwal Parajuly has been in the news for all the right reasons. His works have been nominated for some of the most prestigious literary awards in the globe.

Prajwal Parajuly (né Sharma) (born 24 October 1984) is an Indian author whose works focus on Nepali-speaking people and their culture. Parajuly grew up in the Gangtok, Sikkim region of northeastern India. His father is Indian and his mother Nepalese. He was educated at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, and the University of Oxford. Before committing to a writing career, he worked as an advertising executive at The Village Voice. (Source)

Along with eminent author Manu Joseph, Prajwal Parajuly is on the long list of the Emile Guimet Prize, awarded annually to a book by an Asian author and translated into French. Parajuly was nominated for Fuir et revenir, the translation of his widely acclaimed debut novel about a family reunion from hell, Land Where I Flee.

Two weeks later, Fuir et Revenir, the French translation of his book by Benoîte Dauvergne is now nominated for France’s First Novel Prize.

Parajuly’s novel, which was initially published in English to unanimous acclaim, was declared a ‘Book of the Year‘ by The Independent in the UK, The Kansas City Star in US and The Hindustan Times and other publications in India. It was also one of the eight novels on Vogue India’s list of ‘The Great South Asian Novel‘. Parajuly was shortlisted for The Dylan Thomas Prize in the UK and The Story Prize in the US. He also featured on the Oprah Book Club in South Africa and later went on to judge the Dylan Thomas Prize.

Land Where I Flee is a family saga, “a delightful comedy of manners” in which four Nepali-Indian siblings living in various parts of the world convene in the Himalayan town of Gangtok, in north-eastern India, to celebrate their formidable grandmother’s 84th birthday. Parajuly is originally from Gangtok, the son of an Indian father and a Nepali mother, but now divides his time between New York and Calcutta.  

You can read Kitaab’s team review of this book HERE and buy your copy from Amazon.

Here’s wishing Parajuly many more such literary milestones as his words continue to win hearts across the globe!

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