Poetry: Work In Progress by Marc Nair

A Singapore National Day Special

Despite Being under construction, appearances need to be maintained at all times. (Raffles Hotel, 2019) Photo by Marc Nair


I write in search of the elusive;


the weight of wind,

the taste of conversation,

spellbound eyes meeting

across a dream, or a river

moving too quickly, carrying

the moment you thought

you knew. But when I step

into the rush, here is another

wonder, here is another chance

to believe in this teeming season


Not everything is happenstance.

A street will not name itself

because you demand it,

a poem does not unfold like a

tapestry in a bazaar. There is ache

and inconvenience on the road,

loneliness in the long hours


But there is also joy in the journey;

because art is not an act of believing,

it is the reason for being


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