Poetry: Your name is too holy to be hid by Jitendra Pant

Poet’s Bio

Jitendra Pant lives and works in Gurgaon, India. He has worked in journalism and book publishing and is still closely associated with words in his day job at a consultancy. His primary interests are the life of the spirit and the process through which this ignited spark is made to attain its selfless zenith. He has authored a book called Pradakshina: Circumambulations around the Satguru’s path, which is a monograph on the teachings of his preceptor.


  • Beautiful! So wonderfully expressed!

  • ‘Robbed of the smokescreens
    I blazed alone. Your name
    Calls me home’

    Path of kindered souls is lit by the blaze.
    The sympathetic vibrations of these words – make the home ward journey joyous and peaceful.

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