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How Macau plans to bridge the world with words 

This November hosts a number of literary festivals in the first week.  The Singapore Writers’ Festival, the Hong Kong International Literary festival and now Macau has announced another literary festival from November 5 th to 7 th.

The Macau festival even has an event in conjunction with Cha, An Asian Journal, the first literary English online magazine with its base in Hongkong.

The 12th annual gathering of APWT the Asia Pacific’s largest and longest-running network of writers, translators, editors and publishers will feature authors from a host of nations across the Asia Pacific will be joining us including Behrooz Boochani, Omid Tofighian, Tim Baker, Melanie Mununggurr Williams, Linh Dinh, Aaron Chapman, Alan Vaarwek, Ashwani Kumar and Elizabeth Woods, as well as Macau authors such as Jenny Lao-Phillips, and Portuguese author Valério Romão.  Read more

Adam Johnson, writer of THAT North Korea novel, on his absurd world


When Adam Johnson won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, for a novel set in North Korea, many were surprised that an American academic who had spent just five days in the country could write so convincingly and colourfully about the hermit kingdom. Understand a little about the author and his life, though, and it begins to make sense.

The success of The Orphan Master’s Son (Random House) turned Johnson almost overnight from what he calls a “normal writer” into one with celebrity status.

“North Korea is a topic that people care about around the world, so suddenly I started getting invited everywhere,” says Johnson, a professor of English at Stanford University, in the United States.

But there was a drawback to the international invitations – separated from his family he began to get lonely. The solu­tion? Take them with him.

“Everywhere I go I drag my wife and kids,” says Johnson.

So, when he arrives for the Hong Kong International Literary Festival this week, he’ll do so accompanied by a family entourage of four. Read more

Hong Kong, Singapore writers festivals court controversy

The controversial American author Lionel Shriver is set to bookend two major literary festivals in Hong Kong and Singapore, both running from November 4-13.

She will open the Hong Kong International Literary Festival with a talk about The Mandibles (2016), a darkly satiric novel, set in a near future in which Mexico builds a wall against a deeply indebted US that has been forced to rely on a currency controlled by China and Russia.

Her November 4 talk will be part of a fundraising dinner at The American Club. That will be followed two days later – which is two days before the US election – by a public Q&A at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. With the possibility of a real-life Donald Trump presidency on the horizon, truth may be stranger than fiction. Read more