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How South Korea now wants to publish North Korean novels


From the 1948, North and South Korea had been a reflection of the bipolar world view generated by the Second World War. The North lives under Communist rule and the South leans towards the Capitalistic worldview, primarily mooted by the United States of America.

After the Korean War (1950-53), the two countries stood divided till recently. Now a time has come when a South Korean Farmer’s Cooperative wants to publish thirteen North Korean novels.

Earlier South Korean greats like Park Wan Suh brought out novels about the war. Some have been translated to English. They spoke of the sadness of the war and the way it divided people from similar cultural backgrounds — much in the tradition of other countries recovering from the backlash of colonial regimes that dominated Asian history during the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Read more

‘Why do Indian Writers keep going back to Partition?’


About seven decades ago, the colonials who swept through Asia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and earlier started their retreat. They had lost so much money fighting each other over their spoils during the World Wars that they could not afford the upkeep of their colonies.

One of the aftermath of the colonial rule in Asia was the formalisation of national boundaries. The Indian subcontinent was split into India and Pakistan( West and East, which later disengaged from the West and evolved as Bangladesh).The angst that started during the Partition of the Indian sub- continent generated violence that took more than 200,000 to 2 million lives. The figures remain disputed. Read more

World War letters: Letters from the Trenches

Using letters written by Indian soldiers at the frontlines, Gajendra Singh looks at the life of Indian soldiers who fought the two World Wars in The Testimonies of Indian Soldiers and the Two World Wars: Tehelka

Despite the fact that millions of Indian soldiers fought in the two World Wars, these mega wars that shaped the new world order, fail to find any real space in the Indian consciousness. Unlike in Europe or America, where these wars defined a generation, in India they are confined to school textbooks. They briefly explain the wars, their geniuses and ramifications, but thats about it. Read more