Chinese online literature goes to world

Despite huge cultural gaps, Chinese online literature, especially fantasy novels featuring martial arts and magical powers, have created a reading frenzy among foreign readers, Xinhua News Agency reports.

Fascinated by the cultural elements contained in Chinese web novels and their imaginative plots, many foreigners have spontaneously begun to translate these works, exchange translating experiences and discussing plots. Some even started learning Chinese or writing their own fantastic works inspired by popular genres of Chinese web novels. is the largest Chinese web novel translation forum in the world. Founded in December 2014, the forum has completed translation of seven Chinese web novels. The translations of 22 other novels are ongoing.

As of last month, the forum had been ranked 1,536th in the world website ranking list with daily page views of 3.62 million. Almost one third of its readers are from the United States, and others are mainly from Philippines, Indonesia, Canada and Germany.

Lai Jingping, founder of Wuxiaworld, said compared to western works, Chinese fantasy novels are based on rich Chinese culture, history and myths. The unique Chinese concepts in these novels are very fresh and attractive to western readers, said Lai. Read more