Support Independent Bookshop Owners: Urdu Ghar Bookshop

English and Hindi books on Urdu are available at Urdu Ghar bookshop

The Anjuman has been publishing books since early 1930s after shifting to New Delhi for reasons unknown. A well appointed library and a book shop were also established by them during the same. Today, their address since 1977, Urdu Ghar, 212, Rouse Avenue – has been a favourite among booklovers for decades now.

The prices of their books are known to be very pocket-friendly and affordable for they do not include any overheads. After having dealt with Urdu books for years now, they are venturing into publishing of English books on any theme related to Urdu language and literature. This service will be extended to Hindi books as well gradually. As always, it is not possible without the support of its readers and hence they are urging all their readers and book-lovers to extend their support to them, like always in their new venture.

As they will be operating on a no profit no loss basis, one can expect maximum discount and safe delivery to their doorstep through registered/speed post, on buying a book from the Anjuman.

Please note, to ensure safety for everyone involved in this, the service will ONLY be started once the COVID 19 is fully under control and normalcy is restored in whatever way—a new world and a new world order.

How it works:

Step 1: You send a request for the book you want to buy on email (Send your request only Their catalogue is available upon request.

Step 2: After contacting the publisher/distributor, they (The Anjuman) shall send you the amount (after discount but including postal charges) which you will need to transfer to their account with a one-line intimation of the fact to the same email ID to avoid any confusion.

Step 3: As soon as the money is received, the book will be dispatched to you with an intimation along with the postal details so that you can track the book if its delivery is delayed.

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