India: ‘Cinema need not always depend on literature’

Speaking at the ‘My Literature, My Film’ event, organized by National Book Trust at the 15{+t}{+h} North East Book Fair, Buddhadeb Dasgupta and Jahnu Barua, who are also very close friends, ended the centenary year of Indian cinema by urging youngsters to develop an interest in good literature and cinema. This, they said, will help them understand life and society better.

However, the duo differed on the issue of cinema’s dependence on literature. Dasgupta said cinema need not always depend on literature as it becomes difficult for the filmmaker to remain faithful to the literary source and simultaneously satisfy his or her creative spirit. “Reading literature is essential, but it is not necessary that good films are always inspired by books. Filmmakers have often made excellent films by drawing on their own ideas,” said Dasgupta.

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