Kitaab launches its first crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo

Kitaab Logo changes - 1Oct-rasterize fntSingapore-based publishing and literary platform Kitaab has launched its first ever crowdfunding campaign at one of the world’s best crowdfunding sites,

Kitaab, which means “book” in many Asian languages, was founded in 2005 by journalist and writer Zafar Anjum in Singapore as a space to celebrate and critique Asian writing in English.

According to Kitaab’s campaign page at Indiegogo, the initial idea behind Kitaab, at a time when there was no pervasive social media like todaywas to create a link-based information storehouse where the most important stories on Asian writers and writing were carefully curated. It was first of a kind in its space. Over the years, that idea evolved into a much larger project that now encompasses publishing and e-commerce to serve the same community of writers, readers, publishers and agents worldwide.

Headquartered in Singapore and run by 15 volunteer editors, Kitaab now provides a global writing and publishing platform to emerging and seasoned writers in Asia and abroad. Kitaab is also getting recognised in the region. Recently, it has been invited to be the media partner of the Hyderabad Literary Festival in India.

“Although our mission is to serve and promote Asian literature worldwide, it requires a lot of time and resources and backend support,” says Zafar Anjum, editor of, in the campaign video. “Even though it is owned by a parent company,  it runs like a voluntary or non-profit project.  Our situation is urgent because we can only grow and support our writers and readers if we have some funding support. We need to upgrade our backend, get the processes right and invest in our writers and the upcoming publishing and translation projects.”

Kitaab has set a target of raising US$10,000 to meet its objectives.

You can support the campaign here.


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