Seoul Book Fair completes 25 years

The Seoul International Book Fair, started in 1954, claims to be the biggest event of its kind in Korea with participation of forty countries and 430 publishers, including Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Egypt and Indonesia. The guest of honor this year, at its twenty-fifth anniversary, was from Hungary.  

Hungarian Ambassador to Korea Mozes Csoma said in his opening speech: “Back in 1892, the Austro-Hungarian Empire already signed a treaty of amity with the Joseon Dynasty. Hungarian scholar Barathosi Balogh Benedek traveled the Korean Peninsula in the early 20th century, and he hoped Hungarians would get to know more about Korea and Korean culture. Now I have a similar hope with his. I hope more Koreans get to know Hungarian culture and its literature.”

Renowned Hungarian writers, including Imre Oravecz, Janos Lackfi, Peter Gardos; Swedish novelist Jonas Hassen Khemiri; Norwegian science fiction writer Torbjorn Overland Amundsen and writer Ellen Stokken Dahl were over for the event. Man International Booker Prize winner Han Kang was among the Korean luminaries prominent at the fair. 

In an attempt to give wider exposure to their literature, Korea offered a fellowship to publishers.“The SIBF Fellowship Program, whose aim is to reinforce international exchange in publishing industry, offers a big opportunity for publishing professionals from all over the world to participate in Korea’s biggest book fair.”

Read more about this event in The Korean Times.


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