Five winners announced for Highest Literary Award in China

China Writer’s Association announced five winners of the highest literary award in China called the Mao Dun literary awards.


Mao Dun

Mao Dun was the pen name of Shen Dehong, a 20th-century Chinese novelist, cultural critic, and the Minister of Culture for his country from 1949 to 1965. He initiated this award in 1982.  A four yearly affair, the prizes will be given out in Beijing this October.

The award winning novels and writers are The World by Liang Xiaosheng, The Story of Leading the Wind by Xu Huaizhong, Beishang by Xu Zechen, The Protagonist by Chen Yan and Brother Ying Wu by Li Er.

The World is said to trace the changes Chinese society and people’s lives against a backdrop of half a century. It has been referred to as “50-year history of Chinese people’s life”. Set in 1947 ,  The Story of Leading the Wind tells the story of three characters and a horse. Xu Zechen took four years to write BeiShang which is said to reveal a hundred-year “secret history”. The Protagonist tells the story of a generation of legendary figures in Qin Opera. Brother Yingwu reflects on the academic system.

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