Reviewed By Mitali Chakravarty




Title: Vital Possessions

Author: Marc Nair

Publisher: Ethos books, Singapore


Vital Possessions is a collection of poems, haikus, monologues and photographs by award winning Singaporean poet and photographer Marc Nair. The content reflects the tussle between city life and nature.

Marc Nair takes us on a journey through ASEAN countries — Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Singapore. He finds nature pushing its way through the crevices of city life. In one of his haikus, accompanied by a photograph of a worn out wall with grass growing out of the gaps, he writes,

“Nature never fails

to push against the grain

of forgotten cities.”

When I see the picture and read the lines, what springs to my mind is the St Paul’s church in Malacca, built in 1521, a forgotten church of a bygone era. The monument has vegetation growing out of crevices, which many old buildings would have. However, a sense unique hopefulness is brought to the fore by Marc Nair’s brevity of words to create a picture perfect perspective.

The best of Kickstarter, LinkedIn and Amazon all in one platform just for writers. Meet India- and Singapore-based Kitaab by Ishita Russell,

Kitaab Logo changes - 1Oct-rasterize fntFor Zafar Anjum, Kitaab (book in Hindi) is the best chapter he has ever turned in his life. Yet.

The journey of Kitaab began a decade ago as an online directory for Asian writers, but it struggled for survival in the initial years. So, in 2013, with the backing of better technology and funds, Anjum revived his pet project and turned it into a platform for writers and poets to get their work reviewed and published.

 “I had never thought of any business model around Kitaab, but as we grew, the need was felt to have a publishing function as well. We thought that, maybe, this could be the one place where writers can get their books out,” says Anjum, a tech scribe-turned-author-turned-entrepreneur, in a chat with e27.

With around 15 editors on board and a steady publishing flow, the time has come for the startup to look for a business model in order to sustain and expand the platform.

The Asahi Shimbun AJW’s series on internationally acclaimed writer Haruki Murakami 

Haruki MurakamiHaruki Murakami, among the world’s most celebrated authors, was stunned by the bitter cultural backlash brought to his works in China after Japan nationalized the disputed Senkaku Islands in September 2012.

His books, along with works by other Japanese writers, were pulled from bookstores in Beijing amid the anti-Japan demonstrations across the nation, threatening what some see as a fragile, but growing, cultural circle connecting the region.