In the global book market, India and Brazil remain hot

India would seem to be the place to be if you are a publisher, according to figures revealed by Nielsen’s Andre Breedt in his swift overview of the global book market as the London Book Fair wrapped up last week.

Not only is the country ranked third on Nielsen’s intriguing Wheel of Global Consumer Confidence, just behind Indonesia and the Philippines, but when it comes to physical books the overall market was up 11% by volume and 23% by value in 2013 over 2012. In other parts of the world, many publishers would be happy just to take 1% up, thanks. Or even flat – yep, flat would be good.

“India has shown huge growth,” Breedt said. “You can divide the Indian market into two areas, the “organized” and what you might call the “disorganized.” And in fact, the disorganized is growing even faster. Among retailers, Flipkart is an interesting online player. They’re very successful, with an unusual model in which you order the book and pay the delivery man in cash. Amazon are by no means dominant in India.”

Brazil is strong, too, where Amazon hasn’t officially launched print book distribution yet, “although they are expected to come soon and are believed to be looking to buy a publishing house,” noted Breedt. “The structure of the industry is very different in Brazil. The publishers haven’t all bought each other yet, and many publishers are also retailers. The economy is very good and the government is also giving vouchers for people to spend on cultural material, which is bound to increase book figures.

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