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Scream to the Shadows: Retro Horror Tales from Asia

Tan Kaiyi reviews Tunku Halim’s latest work, Scream to Shadows calling it a collection of tales full of shocks and gore!

Scream to the Shadows is a retrospective collection of Tunku Halim’s career. These 20 spine chilling tales give a great introduction to one of the leading horror writers in Asia. Over a span of two decades, Tunku has written dark stories in the form of novels and short stories—most notably Dark Demon Rising and the Rape of Martha Teoh & Other Chilling Stories

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Short Story: This is Our Last Stop

By Tan Kaiyi

Spooky bus stop

“You change to 165 from here. It’ll take you down the road and then to Holland Village. You can’t miss it,” he said.

“Ok, thank you. It’s so late at night now and my phone battery is flat. Thanks for your help,” she said.

“No problem.”

“And it’s awfully dark.”

“The lights down the road are spoilt. It’s usually better lit.”

“And we’re under a highway.”

“Yeah. It’s not the most accessible bus stop in Singapore.”

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Short Story: The Siege by Tan Kaiyi

The Best Asian Speculative Fiction

He felt the ground for the reassuring grip of his cleaver. Once he had it in his hands, he crouched down and heard for sounds. The night was dead quiet. Not a good sign. It was a shade of absolute silence that was all too familiar to Lao Seng. He gripped his cleaver tightly. He peered over the barrier that marked out the activities area for the elderly to look at the field between the two blocks. The electric lamps had dimmed as well, creating a darkened no man’s land. Something metallic hit the floor violently and from the sound, Lao Seng knew where it was. One of the offering bins had been toppled and thrown against the pavement. The sleepers in the apartment upstairs would only hear it as a minor nuisance before they roll up their blankets to return to slumber. For Lao Seng, it would be a different story.

He eyed the area under the tree where the offering bin lay. It was now somewhere in the covered walkway between the two blocks. In its place, was a black figure, hunched over like an ape. Its form was indistinct, as if one could see through it. Dark smoky trails rose out of it, like it was burning from a black fire. The ape figure was rummaging through ashes of the joss paper as well as several food pieces scattered around the field. It was hunched over, totally focused on picking through the burnt heap. Read more

Kitaab launches 4 titles at the Singapore Writers Festival 2018

The Best Asian fiction

The Best Asian Short Stories 2018 was launched by series editor Zafar Anjum and moderator Dr. Pallavi Narayan together with contributors Vanessa Ng and Miggs Bravo Dutt at the Singapore Writers Festival 2018.

Singapore-based publisher Kitaab launched 4 titles at this year’s Singapore Writers Festival. They were: The Best Asian Short Stories 2018 edited by Dr. Debotri Dhar, The Best Asian Speculative Fiction edited by Rajat Chaudhuri, Turtle City: Cavity Monsters by Tienny The and Mid-Autumn Musings by Dr. Aruna Shahani.

The second volume in the series, The Best Asian Short Stories 2018 contains well-crafted stories with innovative characters, gripping plots, diverse voices from 24 writers in 13 countries, including Singapore.  These contain three stories by Singaporean writers Vanessa Ng, Greg Tan and Miggs Bravo Dutt. The book was launched by series editor Zafar Anjum and moderator Dr. Pallavi Narayan together with contributors Vanessa Ng and Miggs Bravo Dutt.

The best asian fiction

(from left) Publisher Shabana Zahoor with Dr. Pallavi Narayan together with contributors Miggs Bravo Dutt and Vanessa Ng at SWF 2018.

The Best Asian Speculative Fiction

The second anthology which was an immediate sell-out was The Best Asian Speculative Fiction 2018. It is being seen by industry pundits as the most comprehensive speculative fiction collection from the continent. The anthology contain over 40 stories from 16 countries, including Singapore. Five writers from Singapore have made it to the anthology. Five contributors to the anthology from Singapore and Thailand read from their stories and talked about their brush with speculative fiction at the book launch.

The third title, Turtle City: Cavity Monsters, was launched by the author Tienny The who talked about why she wrote this book. There has been a rising trend of tooth decay among children due to unhealthy habits and poor oral hygiene. The author hopes to address this issue and raise awareness on it through her comic book story.

Mid-Autumn Musings, Dr. Aruna Shahani’s debut collection of poetry, was launched by the poet herself together with Dr. Nilanjana Sengupta.