Nepal Academy in bid to globalise Nepali literature

Nepal Academy, established for the promotion of Nepali language, literature, culture and arts, philosophy and social sciences of Nepal, is currently busy in globalising the Nepali literature.

The national institution established in 1957 has begun researches for the development of various languages, literature and culture.

In its bid to globalise the Nepali literature and art, it is effortful to establish close ties and work in collaboration with other literary and art organisations of India, China and other South Asian countries.

In last September, the Academy published an anthology of poems by diasporic writers in collaboration with the Non-Resident Nepalis Association, Academy Chancellor Ganga Prasad Uprety said.

Besides, the Academy regularly publishes research works done by its 11 subordinate bodies every year, according to Academy Member Secretary Prof Dr Jibendra Dev Giri.

The Academy has so far published over two dozen books in Nepali, English, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Nepal Bhasha, Awadhi, Tamang, Limbu, Dhimal, Magar, Urdu, Chepang, Tharu, Danuwar, Rai, Lepcha and Sunuwar languages.

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