Tigers, snakes and monkey-brains: How to write about India if you’re a tourist

Once you are actually in India, get yourself a blog. Write about real India, meaning, the dirt-lined streets and that smell, writes Sayantani Dasgupta: Daily O

1. Prepare for your trip by watching Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. Pay special attention to two scenes in particular, first, where Amrish Puri offers human sacrifices and the other, when Indian kings and dignitaries work through a feast of baby snakes, beetles, and chilled monkey brains.


2. If one evening, your yoga class ends early or you are feeling extra adventurous, go home and watch Slumdog Millionaire. Be warned, though: its Indian protagonist won’t sound anything like the people you will actually meet in India.

3. Eat at Indian restaurants. Learn how to make paneer, lassi, and curry at home. Pat yourself on the back for your global awareness when you perfect the pronunciation of naan.

4. Practice how to say “namaste”, “haan”, and “theek hai”, the only three words/phrases you will ever need.

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