Uighur Writer Dies from Lack of Treatment in Chinese Internment camp

The red area marks Xinjiang, home to Uighurs and Hui people in China

China is under severe criticism again — not from Trump this time but from PEN America, an organization that hovers between human rights and literature.

That there are re-education camps in China where millions of Uighurs and residents of Xinjiang get re-educated is a fact that is coming under focus now. This time, it seems they sent seventy-year-old Nurmuhammad Tohti, a Uighur writer for re- education and he died.

According to his grand daughter who lives in Canada, he was not treated for his medical condition, diabetes and heart disease.

Tohti graduated from Xinjiang University in 1977 and worked as a lecturer in Hotan Pedagogical College before becoming a secretary in the Hotan Prefectural government.  Radio Free Asia reported: “Despite faithfully serving the government for many years, authorities have not released any official confirmation of the death of the man who also worked for the Xinjiang Writers Association and was revered within his community for having left an indelible mark on Uighur literature.” 

Read more about it in this report in Guardian.



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