Are you a poet, a connoisseur of words?

Have you created your masterpiece?

Here is a contest offering a prize of US$3000 for an inimitable poem.

The contest is open till July 16 th, 2019. So, sharpen those quills and let the words flow.

A caregiver from Indonesia won the 2015 Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants Aug. 1, earning a cash prize of NT$100,000 (US$3,159) for her vivid portrayal of immigrant workers in Taiwan.

“Potret di Balik Bingkai Kasa Formosa,” or “Images Beyond the Frame of Formosa,” by Dwiita Vita earned the jury’s favor for its rich tapestry comprising the trials and tribulations of workers from Southeast Asia.

The Singapore National Poetry Competition is calling for the submission of previously unpublished poems from entrants who fall under one of the following categories: (1) junior: 13 to 18 years old (2) senior: over 18 years old. This competition is open to permanent residents and citizens of Singapore. Submissions have to be in English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil .

The theme this year is “Home, Nationhood and Identity.”

The top three entries, unranked and chosen on the basis of merit, in each language and entrant category will be announced at an awards ceremony during the Singapore National Poetry Festival in July 2015. The top poets will be invited to read their poems at the Singapore National Poetry Festival. Their works will also be featured on poetry display walls at public parks and libraries. The same poems and other works of merit will be published in an anthology.